All packed up

Friday, September 07, 2018
Leeuwarden, Friesland, Netherlands
We’ve had a relaxing day to get packed up and ready for disembarking tomorrow.  Unfortunately I won’t need a Brinks escort off the boat because my lucky undies didn’t come through for me at Jackpot Bingo today.  It was an all Brit day for the wins today.  The other day it was all Americans.  Not a Canadian amongst the winners.  Fixed?  Perhaps!!
I’ve been keeping a low profile today as well because my ‘cruise cough’ is getting a bit more pronounced and nothing makes these old birds antsy like someone coughing and hacking around them.
We had our final meal with our new besties.  Emails and such were exchanged.  They’re going to be in Saint John next fall on a cruise, so we’ll no doubt visit with them then.
For those of you that think WE travel a lot...well, let me tell you...we couldn’t hold a candle to some of the people on this ship.  Mike and Lito are home for 2 weeks and then heading out on a bus tour of Ireland.  The couple on the other side of us at dinner also travel regularly with a short 2 week stop at home between trips.  We are pretty much ‘occasional travelers’ in their eyes.
It’s quite exciting...we normally are heading home at the end of a cruise, but tomorrow we head off to Scotland for the second part of our holiday.  
Lots on the schedule for the next 10 days!  Can’t wait to get started!
No photos again tonight...damn shipboard wifi...but check back tomorrow as I’ll be posting my pic of Mike and Lito so you can get a look at our shipboard buds!
Till tomorrow!!
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