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Saturday, September 08, 2018
Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom
It’s been a long day of train travel to get to Scotland and the beginning of the next part of our holiday.  But not before a good chuckle this morning in the buffet line.  It goes like this...a big burly and very American fella is walking down the line reading the signs over all the food items on the buffet.  He stops and asks “What is this Biscuits and Gravy?”.  The young crew member working that section of the buffet explains to him “This is the biscuits...and this is the gravy.”  I’m not entirely certain as to which was worse...the question...or the answer...but regardless, I got quite a laugh out of it.
Almost as big a chuckle as I got at Bingo yesterday when a family of Brits were sitting close by.  Now they weren’t quite the ‘refined’ Brits that my dining friend Mike was.  This family was the ‘I’m goin’ out for a fag’ type.  And there were a lot of them.  Mom and Dad, Grandma and Grandpa, and a couple of boys.  Maybe a bit rough around the edges.  So the cocktail waitress is making her way towards them with a tray full of drinks when Dad makes the announcement with one of the sons that he’s “goin’ out for a fag”.  Stops in front of the cocktail waitress and says “oh, is that my sprite?” and without waiting for her to reply, reaches for a glass of clear liquid and takes a big swig...only to learn that, no, it wasn’t his sprite, it was for someone else.  Of course, they all got the last laugh when they won the first game of Bingo.
We had some time to kill in Southampton, and since we couldn’t find the shop that advertises that they’ll store your luggage for a small fee, we just ended up going to the lovely big shopping centre in the middle of town.  It’s very nice and has all the shops you’d ever want.  Plus, I found a Tesco to pick up my mother’s souvenir...a bottle of authentic British horseradish cream.  Definitely a taste that didn’t get passed down to me!
Okay, it’s been a full week and I haven’t had a rant at all.  Well, hold on to your hat, cause I’m looooong overdue.  So here it is...why is it people here will NOT use earbuds when using their phones?  I mean REALLY.  I’ve listened to a complete phone call on speakerphone about a Christmas decoration display in a shop.  I’ve had to listen to a FaceTime in a foreign language...both sides of the conversation.  And now I’ve listened to some sort of music that sounded like someone was pummelling a cat.  Ear buds just AREN’T that expensive.  I guess people have a low expectation/desire for privacy around here.  But what about mine, and the right to NOT hear them??
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I agree with your rant - bothers me too. Today in the washroom at a restaurant, I heard a conversation going on with someone in the stall - pathetic that potty time and phone time coincide! Hard to miss the convo in a small confined space! Sorry you did not get the horseradish cream gene! I LOVE it! Enjoy Scotland!