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Sunday, September 09, 2018
Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom
We had a great day here in Glasgow in spite of the weather.  We’ve all heard that old saying about if you don’t like the weather then just wait 5 minutes and it’ll change.  Well, there’s no doubt after today that that was most accurately written to describe Glasgow.  The weather changed more times than I can count.  It went from blustery wind, to sunshine to torrential downpour and back to sunshine again, all within 10 minutes.  And that continued throughout the day.
It didn’t stop us from getting out and about.  We checked out the sights, a craft fair, found a super cool pub, and enjoyed some laughs at a comedy show this evening.  Doesn’t get any better than that.
After passing a spot called Waxy O’Connor’s a few times, we decided to pop in for a snack and a bevvie.  This place was a maze of different rooms and bars.  Seeing that it was Sunday, we opted for ‘the Church Bar’.  It LOOKED like it was an old church made over into a pub, right down to the organ’s pipes on the wall, but we can’t be sure if it wasn’t just decor.  They made an excellent plate of nachos, though, and Kier got to try a Caffrey’s draft.  Apparently this pub is the last place that offers it on tap.  Not being into beer, that means nothing to me.
We learned where most of the Glaswegians spend their Sunday afternoons, too.  It’s on the Buchanan Street pedestrian mall.  It was jam packed all day.
Tonight we went to the very old Theatre Royal to see comedian Ross Noble.  One of the universal languages is laughter...another one is stupidity.  Noble put on a great show.  He’s no Danny Bhoy, but he was pretty good.  And if you don’t know who Danny Bhoy’re really missing out!  Oh, back to Ross Noble....he made a big thing early on in the show about having a sunburned face.  He said he’d tell us later on how he got it.  I particularly got a chuckle when he spoke about someone on the train with him one day who was watching a YouTube video WITHOUT earphones!  He was particularly descriptive about what he would have liked to do to the individual and it involved a Pringles can be shoved somewhere.  I’ll leave the rest to your imagination!  He eventually did a bit on competing today in the Great North Run, a marathon and half marathon in Newcastle, England.  This was where he got the sunburn.    He also got fairly detailed about some chaffing that he suffered.  We were able to follow most of his bits, but there was some regional humour that we missed.  Especially when it was relevant to people that were only known within the UK.  At the end of his show he came back onstage to take random questions.  And this is where the stupidity comes in...someone asked him “So...where did you get the sunburn?”.  I thought Ross was gonna lose it!  The rest of the audience got a huge laugh out of it, especially when Ross asked the fellow where he’d been during the whole business of the marathon run and the chafing, etc.  Gotta be a bit disheartening for a comedian when he has to explain his jokes.  Especially when it’s to the locals.  
I’ve never been to Glasgow on a weekend before, so this time it was a bit of an eye opener.  The difference between here and Edinburgh can best be described as the difference between a bar on George Street in St John’s, Newfoundland compared to a cafe in Bloor Village in Toronto.  They’re much rowdier here in Glasgow and we surely got to see it being here over a Saturday night.
Tomorrow we’re off to the races!  Can’t wait!
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