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Monday, September 10, 2018
Perth, Scotland, United Kingdom
Being that today was my birthday, I planned to do my very favourite thing when I’m in the UK and Ireland...and that’s going to the Hunt.  That’s UK lingo for the horse races...but not just any horse races, it’s the steeplechase, or the hurdles.  I love the fast pace, the risk, the excitement, and the possibility of horses finishing races without jockey’s!  It vastly improves my chances of picking a winner!
It was an easy and smooth train ride from Glasgow up to Perth...which is not pronounced like one would think.  It’s not ‘purr-th’...but is actually ‘pair-th’.  Who woulda thought!  One of the stops on the way was in Dunblane.  It brought back memories of the mass shooting at the primary school there back in 1996.  That was back in the day when mass shooters were a rarity.  Unfortunately, times have changed for the worse in the past 22 years, to the point where these mass shootings are almost commonplace.
Perth is a lovely town and the racecourse is on the outskirts.  And despite the blustery cold weather, and the occasional rain showers, I had a great time.  It could only have been better if I’d managed to pick more winners.  I did cash in one ‘place’ ticket...but it was hardly worth the cold walk to the bookies wicket to cash in for all of £1.50 profit.  
I almost titled today’s entry ‘the Crown let me down’ because my last bet of the day was a fiver on Forth’s Bridge which is owned and bred by, none other than, the Queen of England.  And when I say ‘almost’, it’s not cause the horse pulled it out in the end and won.  Nope, the horse led the whole way...all 3 miles...until the final stretch where he was overtaken by another horse.  He did come in second...but I didn’t make my bet to include ‘first of the losers’ I didn’t cash in.  Thanks for nothin’ Liz!
So then it was time to head back to Glasgow.  We got nicely ensconced in our seat on the train...front of the second car...behind the First Class carriage.  First of the loser carriages you might say!  It was very busy.  The carriage was nearly full.  Only a few seats left here and there.  And then a man boards the train.  He’s a dead ringer for a certain fellow who used to be the lead singer of the band Genesis... but of course he’s not.  We’ll just call him faux Phil.  So faux Phil and his date board and can’t find a seat together.  He sits in front of us, and she sits across the aisle from us.  Faux Phil notices there might be a couple of spots together at a table with four seats further back in our carriage.  Off he goes...then he waves for his squeeze to join him.  We notice Phil having a heated exchange with someone seated at the table before Squeeze returns to her seat.  Phil comes back shortly afterward spewing a very colourful vocabulary involving ‘c’ words and ‘f’ words and retakes his seat in front of us.  We’re guessing, based solely on his adjective choice that the person seated at the table for 4 is a woman.
Fifteen minutes later, the ticket checker on the train makes his way through our carriage and Phil grabs him and off they go to the table for 4.  Phil tells the ticket guy (TG) that the woman refused to move her bags off the seat so that he and Squeeze could sit there.  There is an exchange of words and Phil returns to his seat in front of us.  Then we see TG pick up some bags and then a young black woman of about 20 gets up from the seat in question.  TG has a lengthy conversation with her and someone seated across the aisle.  Then TG returns to Phil and explains that he’s removing the woman from the carriage and putting her on another and the seats are now open for them.  Phil doesn’t seem satisfied with that.  It seems that he wants the woman to stay in the carriage.  Phil goes on to explain that he’s a ‘union rep’ what that possibly has to do with the situation, I’m not certain.  My best guess is that the young woman has claimed that Phil was intimidating her, or threatening her, or something...easily believed based on Phil’s colourful language when he initially returned to his seat.  So, the long and short of it is that the young girl was moved to another carriage, the seats were left vacant for Faux Phil and the Squeeze to assume but low and behold, Phil had gotten his knickers in a knot then, and refused to move.  Phil continued to rant to Squeeze for the remainder of the trip.  
The only thing I want to know is this...why go to all the trouble of lodging a complaint with TG and then not accepting the desired prize in the end?  This just goes to prove that some people just CANNOT be pleased.
We’re off to Oban tomorrow.  Looking forward to a small town stay!
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Looks like a perfect day except for that ‘arse’ as my dad would say, faux Phil. Happy Birthday Katrina!


Sounds entertaining as hell!