A plane? A UFO? What is it?

Wednesday, September 12, 2018
Oban, Scotland, United Kingdom
There was this big, bright yellow thing in the sky for part of the day.  What was it?  Oh, perhaps it was the sun.  That’s something that’s as rare on this trip as the dodo bird.  And when it did come out, you didn’t dare look directly up at it, for it’s a shy creature.  It would disappear behind a rain cloud almost immediately.
It seems that if nothing else, I’ve at least proven on this trip that I’m no weather charm.   Shelley, Kim and Fay must all hold that title as on my previous trips to Scotland I’ve enjoyed nothing but sunny and dry days.  Certainly can’t make that claim this trip.  But hey...we’re not sugar and certainly haven’t melted yet!
We’ve had a busy day here in Oban and covered lots of territory. But don’t go thinking it’s pronounced ‘O-ban’, cause that would be too simple.  It’s actually pronounced ‘Ob-in’.  Who knew?!  This morning we walked to the top of Pulpit Hill, after that we climbed up to McCaig’s Tower, and later this afternoon we hiked over to Dunollie Castle.  I think we’ve seen the best of what Oban has to offer, but we’ve got plans over the next couple of days to check out some places further afield.
We stopped today to check in with the tour operator of our trip to Treshnish Isles tomorrow.  It was a replay of my Skellig Michael trip last May.  They told us that today’s trip was cancelled and it didn’t look good for tomorrow either.  The swells are big and the trip probably won’t go.  We’ll be checking in early tomorrow morning.  They’ve assured us they’ll have another trip we can go on should Treshnish be cancelled.  I’m crossing everything, but not holding my breath.  It’s much colder, wetter and windier here in Oban than it was in Portmagee last May.  No worries.  We still want to go to the Isle of Mull so Kier can check out the land of his ancestors.  There are other islands we can visit, or perhaps we’ll make a trip to Inverary.  There’s a gaol there that has piqued my interest.  But for now, we’ll just wait and see what tomorrow’s weather brings.  
This evening we’re hunkered down in front of our fireplace and enjoying some British/Scottish television.  Seems the sidewalks pretty much roll up here at 5pm, so time for some R&R.
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You covered a lot of ground...anything to rival the climb to Arthur’s Seat?


Nothing that high.