The Kenny White Bus Driving School

Friday, September 14, 2018
Inveraray, Scotland, United Kingdom
We’ve had some bus trips over the last couple of days, and will again tomorrow.  But I can tell you this, I haven’t enountered ONE graduate from the Kenny White Bus Driving School.  There wasn’t one ‘Sweet pea’ or ‘Angel’ either day.  In fact, today’s driver was downright ornery.  First he was annoyed because the olds weren’t boarding the bus quickly enough.  Well, not so much the boarding that was annoying him, it was how they were lingering in the aisle chitchating instead of taking their seats.  He only had to bark once, and the aisle cleared immediately.  
Three minutes before we were scheduled to depart, a young girl with a small suitcase approached the bus.  Lordy, he was NOT happy about that!  He made some comment to the passengers up near the front about showing up at the stop so late AND with luggage.  He actually told the girl that he didn’t have a seat for her.  I’m looking around seeing a handful of empty seats, so not sure if he’s just being nasty, or if he really has to save a certain number of seats for passengers boarding enroute.  Regardless, not nice!  He did relent and let her board, and we departed a mere 2 minutes late.
Yesterday when we took a bus from the ferry terminal to Torbermory, the bus driver was actually quite decent.  There was a passenger who didn’t have any cash on him, so the driver stopped enroute for the guy to make an ATM withdrawal to pay for his ticket.  Now that driver....definitely a candidate for Dad’s driving school!!
So today we went to Inveraray for the day.  It’s another small Scottish town with little more than a Castle and a Jail.  Skipped the castle, enjoyed the jail.  I now understand why there was so much public flogging and the like around here.  When your jail only has maybe 20 cells, you can’t incarcerate everyone!
Packing up tonight for the next stop.  We head to Fort William tomorrow.  Hopefully we’ll have a great bus driver this time!
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