And time marches on...

Tuesday, April 23, 2019
Quispamsis, New Brunswick, Canada
One week!  Here we are, one week away and time has slowed to a crawl.  Everything is done.  All the bookings are made, all the required reconfirmations have been done.  And yup, even packed.  Can’t help it.  When you do this trip as often as I have, the clothes almost pack themselves!  
Now there’s nothing left to do but wait...and it’s what I’m least good at...the waiting.  Only 171.5 hours till I’ll be going ‘wheels up’ to Halifax on the first leg of my journey.  Thanks to the grounding of the Max 8, my journey has gotten a tad longer than when I booked it several months ago.  But hey, what do you do when it’s in the name of safety?  Not a big difference in my flights.  I leave a couple of hours earlier and arrive an hour later...hopefully.  All good.
Let the countdown begin...
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