If a tree falls in the forest...

Tuesday, April 30, 2019
Quispamsis, New Brunswick, Canada
Have you ever wondered what those AC people do in the dead of night when there are few, if any, calls to their call centres and the only planes out there are the ones already in the air?  Well, I can now tell you what they do...they sit around and dream up ways to ‘eff up’ my trips.  Apparently it’s karma for all those emails I’ve sent them over the years complaining about things to ensure a nice discount code for future travel.  The big dart board now has my picture hanging in the centre, and a big red X covers my face.
A ‘glass half empty’ kind of girl would be starting to get a complex.  But not me.  This ‘glass half FULL’ kind of girl thinks that everything works out for the best.  It all happens for a reason.  Granted, I don’t know what that reason is at the moment, but I’m guardedly optimistic!
I can hear you all now as you’re reading this.  “What the heck is she talking about?”.  So, let me explain...
When I booked my flight way back when, I was thrilled to get an excellent deal on my favourite routing.  I even treated myself to an exit row seat.  SJ to Halifax to Heathrow.  No fuss, no muss.  Short little flight to Halifax and a relatively short flight across the pond.  Less than 6 hours, so just enough time to get a few zzzz’s in and you’re touching down in ‘jolly ole’.
And then a Max 8 went down...and so did my plans on flying from Halifax straight to London.  But...you can’t whine over a rerouting when faced with a serious security issue.  I’m now flying SJ to Halifax to Ottawa and then across the pond.  Not tooooooo bad.  The plane from Ottawa is smaller with a 2-3-2 configuration.  Actually better than the Max 8’s configuration of 3-3.  My premium seat that I had paid for wasn’t available on this new fight as all the good seats had already been taken, so I was refunded that amount.  And if there’s anywhere that’s gonna have an on-time departure, it’s bound to be out of Ottawa with all those political types. They all need to make meetings over there about big issues such as the importation of bangers and mash, how much to bet on the delivery date of Harry and Meghan’s baby, or maybe even some lesser important issues like Brexit.
So as of last night at bed time I was all checked in for my flights, seats selected, boarding passes printed.  And given that there are no really late flights into and out of SJ, I figured there’d be nothing left to go sideways...at least nothing BEFORE I get to the airport.
And there’s where I’d be wrong.  When I woke for my usual 4 am call of nature, I picked up my IPad just to read for a bit to help myself fall back to sleep.  While there, I thought, let’s just have a quick peek at my inbox...and there it was...3 different emails from AC.  If there’s ever a sign that something’s gone sideways...then that would be it.  My 6:15pm flight from SJ to Halifax is now delayed.  With a new departure time of 8pm I can no longer make my connection to Ottawa.  That clunking sound you just heard?  The wheels falling off.  Now the big question I have is THIS.  How on earth do they know at 1am that the 6:15pm flight is gonna be delayed?  Is it that aforementioned dart board?  Did the dart land on Katrina’s SJ to Halifax flight?  Apparently so.
Now, I’m getting used to things going sideways while I’m sitting in the boarding lounge...or at the very least, when I’ve entered airport property.  But this is a totally new ballgame when my flights start getting screwed up while I’m at home snuggled up in bed.  What next??
One must give them their due, however, cause the email that followed the delay notification was my entirely new itinerary.  Some would say ‘new and improved’.  I am now flying SJ to Toronto to Heathrow.  One less connection to get delayed, one less flight to miss, one less airport to have my luggage go astray.  And one cherry on top of this new and improved itinerary?  Preassigned premium seats...the ones that cost $165 were I to select them on my own.  This ‘glass half full kinda girl’ has only 3 words for ya...thanks Air Canada.  Now can you please follow through with on schedule departures???  Time will tell!
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Fingers crossed for a good trip over!


Well at least they’re not sending you through the black hole...aka Montreal! Then you know you’d be screwed!


Katrina, things are looking up! Hope that good luck continues on the rest of your trip! Safe travels!