If a tree falls in the forest....part 2

Tuesday, April 30, 2019
Toronto Pearson International Airport, Ontario, Canada
Here I sit in Pearson Airport with a sense of enlightenment.  Remember how I said that everything happens for a reason when I was speaking of all the itinerary changes?  And remember how I said that I may never figure out or understand the reason?  Well...sometimes you do.  When I turned my phone on after landing I immediately got a flight notification pop up on my screen.  My first thought “F#@!”...but no...it was a flight notification from my previous itinerary and I quickly learned that had I made it to Halifax then my Ottawa flight was delayed and I likely wouldn’t have made my connection to Heathrow.  I’m feeling pretty good as I sit here awaiting the call to board.  Today karma is NOT a bitch, but a very pleasant woman who’s looking after my best interests!!!
Mind you, we haven’t boarded yet...
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