The gang’s all here

Wednesday, May 01, 2019
Days Inn London Hyde Park, England, United Kingdom
We made it!  There were various delays and slow downs, and one nail biting ‘missed approach’, but in spite of it all, everyone landed safe and sound.  
So what’s a ‘missed approach’ you ask?  Well, it’s when you’re on your descent into the airport.  Your seat belt is snuggly fastened.  Your seat back and tray table are in the upright and locked position.  The flight attendants have taken their seats.  The landing gear has whirred into place.
The ground is getting closer and closer, literally rising up to meet you.  We’re at the point where I’m anticipating the feel of wheels hitting runway.  I’m waiting, and waiting...and then...without warning, the thrusters are on and we’re accelerating skyward.  And not leisurely like when you take off.  Nope, this felt like an exercise in avoidance.  Scary?  Not overly.   Disturbing?  Absolutely.  Not the “I gotta get to the lavatory to change my gonch” kind of disturbing, but disturbing none the less.  The pilot called it a ‘missed approach’...I called it a ‘mis-take. 
The afternoon and evening was spent strolling Hyde Park and enjoying a cider to 2.  If the amount of laughter on the first evening is any indication, my sides are gonna be hurting before we leave London.
And by the way...’Hurray hurray, it’s the first of May...’. You know the rest!!
Till tomorrow!
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Luv hearing about the adventures. Rock each Space your in Gals


So cool ladies. Pretty sure the "missed approach" would have caused me a trip to the Enjoy the cider?


Sounds 'n looks like your trip is off to a fantastic start... keep the photos and posts coming, very entertaining and informative!