A gold medal pie day

Thursday, May 02, 2019
Days Inn London Hyde Park, England, United Kingdom
It’s been an absolutely full day which saw us covering a ton of miles, mostly on foot.  We started with a stroll down Oxford Street and some retail therapy.  Just for the record, if we were keeping score, which we aren’t, of course,  is:
                                                      Joanne and Katrina - 2
                                                      Fay and Pat - 0 (you guys must be pacing yourselves!)
From Oxford we strolled through Liberty to check out the nice old building and then over to Carnaby Street.  We passed through Trafalgar Square and on to Gordon’s Wine Bar where we were fortunate to get a table in ‘the cave’.  After a toast to the start of a wonderful trip, we headed to the Aldwych Theatre for the afternoon performance of the Tina Turner Story.  It was a great performance with memorable music and a powerful message.  
Into every life some rain must fall, so even though we had a beautiful sunny start to the day, by the time we left the musical it was pouring.  Good time for the advertised ‘Gold Medal Steak and Ale Pie’ at The Wellington Pub and Pie House.  Was it good?  Yes.  Was it gold medal good?  Hmmmm, not so much.  The continuing rain required us to camp out at Covent Garden Market until it passed.  When we finally got a break in the weather we headed to the tube station nearby.  
We arrived at Covent Garden tube station.  It was packed.  There was a huge crowd around the bank of elevators.  And there was no one taking the stairs on the other side.  The stairs go DOWN.  Hmmm, fight the crowds?  Or let gravity do the work and take us down the stairs?  The stairs it is.  We start down, and they start to turn, and turn, and turn.  Just like a corkscrew.  Down, down and down.  After what seems like forever we hear a recorded announcement that anyone with heart issues should use the lifts and not take the stairs.  Odd, I think, that an announcement like that would be made, as I continue around and around, down and down.  Finally, we reach the bottom and see the sign...me thinks they should have posted this at the TOP of the stairs as well!!!  Oh well, thank gawd for gravity!!
When we got back to the hotel I received the information that I’ve been so anxious about...directions to tomorrow nights Grand Expedition.  Can’t wait!!  
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White wine!