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Saturday, May 04, 2019
Days Inn London Hyde Park, England, United Kingdom
I paid to see the high divin’ act, anna I’ma gonna see the high divin’ act.  More accurately, I paid to see the Michael Jackson tribute Thriller, and that is what I want to see (and hear).  I don’t wish to hear Mrs. Jokey McJokester who is constantly talking and laughing throughout the show.  I should count my blessings that I can hear anything at all anymore.  Considering that Mr. Blowhard McWhistle who was sitting directly behind me was just about piercing my eardrums.  Then seated beside me was Ms. Ivanna Keepmyphoneon.  The damn screen kept lighting up whenever she checked it.  Then, when she realized it was bothersome, she would turn it over on her leg and figure that would eliminate the annoyance.  She was wrong.  Some people are just effin’ annoying!
It was a high energy musical with lots of amazing dancers.  Although we all thoroughly enjoyed the show, having seen it on the heels of Gingerline just made it seem a bit anti climactic.
Our last day here in London and just when you think spring has sprung you get a cold and windy day.  Being the bank holiday weekend here, everywhere is busy.  We strolled through Little Venice and checked out the Canal Cavalcade, but it was too cold to hang around.  I also noticed that there seemed to be fewer boats than what I recalled from the past.  Sign of the times and the weather, perhaps?  
As it was too cold to walk the shops of Oxford Street, we headed to Shepherd’s Bush to check out Westfield London.  It’s an absolutely huge shopping centre comparable to the West Edmonton Mall...minus the hotel and water park.
Gotta get to bed early tonight as we’ve got a train to catch in the morning.  Off to York we go.  We’ve had about enough of this big city living for this trip.
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