Quirks and Quacks

Wednesday, May 08, 2019
20 Leopold Pl, Scotland, United Kingdom
I might have mentioned what a unique (read slightly odd) spot we are staying in.  We met the 2 ‘owners’ yesterday when we checked in.  Let’s just call them ‘Mr. I-make-a-mess-when-I-clean’, and ‘Mr. Don’t-think-about-what-I-pick-with-my-long-pointy-finger-nails’.  These 2 are looking at ‘quirky’ in the rear view mirror!  Aside from all that, the place is clean, and did I mention the price was right?    
So remember when I said yesterday that not everyday is funny...well, let’s pick up where I left off.  How would you feel if someone climbed through the window of your hotel room?  Especially if you’re window isn’t on the ground.  Surprisingly enough, P&J weren’t at all upset about it... they weren’t in the room at the time...cause they were locked out.  The ancient locking mechanism malfunctioned and they couldn’t get in.  Mr. I-make-a-mess-when-I-clean came to the rescue.  He had to climb over a rot-iron fence, scale the outside wall, lift an exterior window, raise an interior window, fall into the room and not backward to the ground and possibly his death.  That would have been ironic!!  Thankfully there was no splat on the sidewalk, the door got open and today the lock got fixed...sort of.  The temporary fix was some scotch tape.  Not very high tech, but it works.  
Now what fun would it be if you went on a trip like this and your hotel experiences were simple and straight forward where you just check in and check out...check in and check out...rinse and repeat!  This stay will certainly rate as one of the more memorable and entertaining...so far...but we haven’t got to Ireland yet. 
The phrase “nice day if you’re a duck” is appropriate for today.  It rained all day...ALL...DAY.  The walking tour was out.  The Water of Leith walk was out.  But we did manage to fill our day none the less.  We even managed to dodge the rain drops for a visit to Princes Street Gardens.  There were a couple of interesting cafes and restaurants thrown into the mix as well.  
We’re hoping for some improvement in the weather for tomorrow because we’re off on a road trip.
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