Ignorance is bliss...

Saturday, May 11, 2019
Galway, County Galway, Ireland
It was a truly blissful day today...for most of it...until it wasn’t.  We had a nice walking tour of the main sites in Galway.  I visited the farmer’s market and had a lovely freshly made cocoa donut.  I went for a lovely walk along the Salthill Promenade and even went out to Mutton Island.  I wandered on the beach and even did a little shopping.  A truly peaceful experience...and then I got back to the room.
It might be the first time on this holiday that if I could have turned back time, I would have.  Right back to the time I chose to have the cocoa donut.  Don’t get me wrong...not because it wasn’t wonderful right out of the hot oil, rolled in sugar and then sprinkled with cocoa powder, because it was incredibly tasty.  Nope, it was the fact that cocoa on a hot donut turns into chocolate sauce...and the one napkin they give is, apparently, not enough...but you don’t know because you didn’t look in a mirror.  
I strolled all along the promenade, I took selfies, I chatted with people.  I took photos for them.  I shopped.  I chose today to become a ‘social butterfly’, which for those of you that know me, is entirely out of my comfort zone.  And then I got back to my room...and glanced in the mirror...and could not believe the chocolate on my chin.  That’ll teach me!  Not that bad, you say??  Really??  Have a look...
Oh well...I won’t be seeing these people again.  Well, at least not before they’ve forgotten what I look like.  And that ‘social butterfly’ thing...won’t be trying that again for awhile!  
I think I’ll just go change my clothes before I go out tonight!!  Just to ensure anonymity!
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OMG...hahaha...I’m guessing your travel buddies were elsewhere today and you were soloing? I gotta say, this is too funny!!


Almost looks like some facial hair! Lol Glad sun is shining for you!


Too funny! Did you notice any strange stares? LOL!


They probably just thought you got into a rumble at the local pub.


So you’re saying it’s a bad thing?....


You know that expression, 'laugh out loud'? Where were your pals????