Ignorance is bliss...part 2

Saturday, May 11, 2019
Galway, County Galway, Ireland
Who knew that personal embarrassment and humiliation would be so popular!!??  So, to respond to a few of your comments, here goes...
First of all, as if I didn’t feel embarrassed enough already, the thought that I could take extra work as the ‘bearded lady’ in a circus sideshow does NOT make me feel better.  Susan, you’re lucky I have so many friends named Susan, so I don’t know exactly which one of you made that comment!  ;)
Shelley, yes, I was soloing it for the afternoon...but apparently, I shouldn’t be let out alone.  The only way it could have been funnier was if it had happened to SOMEONE ELSE!
Janice...yes, I did notice some strange looks...particularly when I was leaving the Spar with 2 bottles of cider under my arm.  I must have looked like I’d just drug myself out of the ditch and scraped together enough cash to feed my habit.  Not pretty.
Cousin Val...always glad to make your day.
And Kier...no...it was NOT just a LITTLE!
So the rest of our evening was relatively uneventful, by comparison.  We enjoyed a lovely meal in a small cafe and then listened to some Irish music in a local pub. 
Now, it’s time to drown my sorrows with the cider I bought earlier today.  I’m mourning the waste of a particularly good hair day...among other things!!!  Tomorrow it’s off on a tour.  My lucky undies are currently drying in the bathroom.  Think I’ll wear them tomorrow.  Certainly could have used them today.
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