Sunday, May 12, 2019
Galway, County Galway, Ireland
There are so many confusing things when you travel, but the most top of mind at the moment is this...why do my clothes take up so much more space when they’re dirty than when they’re clean?  It boggles the mind that I’ve only bought a few things, yet I’m having a harder and harder time getting the zipper done up on my case.
I’ve even gotten rid of some stuff that I brought over with me, so in theory, I should have all kinds of room...but nay nay.  It’s nip and tuck and tomorrow we head to my favourite place, Killarney.  And I’m meeting up with my favourite bath bomb maker who’s delivering my ‘supply’.  
Today we had a great tour of Connemara.  I had fully planned on going to the National Park and hiking to the top of Diamond Hill, but with only 2 hours to do it, I would only have been able to get half way, if that.  Being an all or nothing kind of girl, I opted to go to Kylemore Abbey instead.  It was an impressive place with a lovely walled Victorian garden.  Well worth a visit, but we could used a lot more than the allotted 2 hours.  
A good day all in all and an early start tomorrow means I’ve got nothing more to say.
Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow, Marie!
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