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Wednesday, May 15, 2019
Killarney, County Kerry, Ireland
Last day here in Killarney so we spent it relaxing.  Okay...there was some shopping done...maybe a bit of eating...and ALOT of time trying to figure out that puzzle I call my suitcase.  I’m now on ‘restricted shopping’.  I’m only allowed to buy things that are FLAT.  Anything with any shape or size is hereby forbidden.  Certainly gonna impact our time in Dublin, but fortunately we have enough plans made that my shopping time is minimal.
Regardless of the fact that this is my fourth visit to Killarney, there are still things that I have never done before.  Today, we did another one of them.  We visited the Killarney House and Gardens and had a great tour full of history and stories.  The house was turned over to the government in the recent past and it has been fully restored with a very interesting, interactive display in the upstairs space.  Who knew a bunch of old furniture could be so interesting, but Margaret was a very engaging guide and told some great stories.  I mean really...I couldn’t care less about furniture, but yet, as Margaret was pointing out different features of these old antiques, I found myself going ‘yeah, look at that...wow...how interesting...show me another 17th century whatchamacallit...and yes, I see the difference between that 17th century versus that other 16th century...who knew!!’  And another great thing about this tour...it was free to get in!!  
We spent some more time in Killarney National Park before splitting up to finish our shopping.  When I’d had enough of trolling the downtown, I decided to find a seat and enjoy the beautiful weather.  I approached a nice bench not far from the hotel.  A woman was seated there, but it was quite large.  I went to sit down on the end, giving as much space as I could to the woman.  As my butt was just about meeting wood, I felt someone push me from behind and say “No!”.  Well, imagine my surprise...shock more like.  Assaulted in downtown Killarney!  Really????  I didn’t even have time to get into my fighting stance when the man said “Oh sorry...I didn’t mean to push you...but I didn’t want you to sit in THAT” and he pointed to a big splat of bird crap that I was just about to sit on.  After my little chocolate fiasco, I didn’t need to be walking around town with a big white blob on the seat of my pants!!
Now it’s time to arrange the contents of the suitcase so that I can get it zipped.  May take some time, so for that reason, I’m keeping this short.
Tomorrow...to Dublin!
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Guides with good stories make all the difference!! Enjoy Dublin..avoiding chocolate & park benches.


Have a pint at Darkey Kelly’s for me!