The ‘Head’ of the Class

Friday, May 17, 2019
Newgrange, County Meath, Ireland
Another great day today.  The last of our preplanned tours.  We headed out to Newgrange to the neolithic site Bru Na Boinne.  That be old shit out there!  We stopped at the Hill of Tara enroute.  Not much to see there as the old wooden buildings have all disappeared with age.  Nice views though and some interesting ground formations akin to crop circles...without the crops!
One of the highlights of my day was a stop at Newgrange Farms.  Aside from the bazillion little rugrats running around the place, I immensely enjoyed the time with all the animals.  Everything from puppies and kittens, cows and horses, and exotic breeds of birds.  A great visit!
Just as it did 9 years ago, Newgrange amazed me at the ingenuity of the civilization dating back to over 5000 years ago.  How they brought these massive stones from far reaching corners of Ireland and moved them into place on top of these hills is amazing.  Why they didn’t just opt to erect them in the valleys instead of the tops of hills is beyond me.  At least then they could have relied on gravity to get the stones to the site.
We’ve been a bit short on ‘geek shots’ in the photo department.  And then one just presents itself to today.  We were up on the Hill of Tara looking at the phallic symbol which was put there by the King of the time to impress the gods.  Apparently in that era, the gods were impressed by large concrete replicas of the male appendage.  I’m assuming that the King realized that the gods weren’t gonna believe it was a life sized model...but who knows what goes through the mind of a King?  But back to the point of the story...I told Fay to go stand by the large tallywacker to have her picture taken.  Not sure what she was thinking when she went and stood directly behind it?  Hey...I’m just the photographer!!
This evening it was off to Darkey Kelly’s, my favourite pub in Dublin.  The fact that it’s attached to our hotel is just an added bonus.  Lots of great music, wings, and cider make for a great evening.
A last ‘debrief’ this evening followed by some work on the suitcase and then to bed.  
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