I wasn’t going to...but then I had to...

Thursday, November 01, 2018
Brooklyn Cruise Terminal, New York, United States
I truly was planning on taking this trip off from the blog.  Even bloggers need a holiday sometime.  But then today happened.  And by that I mean so much shit happened that I just couldn’t believe...and really folks, ya just can’t make this stuff up.
It’s a real pleasure to be heading out on a cruise when you only have 2 short 1.5 hour flights to get to embarkation.  Doesn’t often happen.  In fact, it’s never happened before today.  With a couple of such short flights you would figure there’d be nothing noteworthy happen...but then, you’d be wrong.  
It was one of those days that just keeps you guessing...gonna be a bad one, nope, gonna be a good one, damn, bad again, wow, better than good.  A real rollercoaster!
Our flight to Montreal was smooth but our transition from the domestic to US terminal got my smooth feathers a tad ruffled.  We were so pleased to arrive in the security/customs hall to find it totally empty.  Never happens...but yay!  This means I don’t have to get behind some yutz who has too many carry ons and hasn’t got their shit together.  I pride myself on having everything I need in my hands when I’m going through this area.  Having a Nexus card makes life easier too.  Well, it’s supposed to.  Until you get up to the desk and the customs guy says “Passport please”.  I tried not to do the Scooby Do “hhhhunhh”?  Well, who was expecting THAT?  I sure wasn’t.  I HAVE my passport, but it’s put away in my RFID wallet, in my purse, in my carryon.  I commence ‘the dig’...I’m a bit thrown by the request...so, of course, I can’t FIND the wallet, in my purse, in my carryon.  I set my Nexus card down on the counter and explain that I’m gonna have to look for my passport, “it’s in here somewhere”, I say.  The reply, “this will do”, referring to my Nexus.  As it should.  Okay, if THAT’s the only hitch in my giddyup, then I’m doin’ alright.
We’re at our gate with time to spare and by all accounts, our flight is scheduled for an on time departure.  And then the announcement is made...they’re in an ‘oversold situation’.  Why is it that this always happens when I’m NOT in a position to cash in?  It never comes up when I’ve got time to kill.  Then they announce that they’re offering $200 US to take a later flight.  Well, that’s not attractive at all.  Only 3 weeks ago they offered $800 Canadian for an oversold flight.  Apparently there’s no standard.  
So we arrive at the ship and we board without incident.  What do we find in our cabin?  A letter from the cruise line advising that as a token of their appreciation for our continued loyalty we have been extended unlimited internet access for free for the duration of our cruise.  Well, I’ll be!  Woohoo!  Happy again!
Then we head down to check on our dining room request.  We didn’t get our requested table for 2, but instead have to share...with strangers...ick!!!  How can we analyze the quirks of our fellow passengers when we’ve got strangers hanging on our every word.  We’re none to thrilled. Bummed again.  
But the Maître D comes through for us.  Moves us to a table for 2 in a nicer dining room.  Happy again!  And if that isn’t enough, we are seated 4 small tables away from Elvira and Wilbur from Kansas City (might not be their real names).  Now these 2 have us totally baffled.  We’ve never seen anything like it.  Here we are on a semi-expensive cruise, enjoying a lovely meal in a fine dining room with fancy dishes, flatware, glasswear, etc.  And then there’s Elvira and Wilbur.  They have requested paper plates and plastic cutlery.  And the only thing more surprising is that the ship ACTUALLY has some.  At first I think one of them has a chemical allergy...but Elvira has more dye in her hair than Walmart has on its shelf.  A metal allergy?  Nope, they both are loaded down with jewellery.  Germaphobes?  Perhaps.  It’s apparent they’re not here for the cuisine because when their food arrives they’ve got identical TV dinners.  Not kidding.  Plastic trays with a little somethin’ somethin’ in it, sealed in plastic and heated in the microwave.  How do I know it was heated in the microwave?  Because when they first ripped open the plastic and tucked in, it was still cold in the centre.  When they were finished eating they found a real score.  Wilbur actually had 2 paper plates stuck together.  Elvira reached over, took the second plate, and popped it into her purse...for later.  Ewwwwwwweeeeeeeee, it’s gonna be an interesting time in the old dining room this trip!  
The icing on my ‘cruise cake’ today, however, was learning that I had $250 in free play in the shipboard casino.  How the heck did THAT happen?  We knew Kier was going to get that little windfall, but who knew it was going to be offered to me as well.  REALLY HAPPY!!!
Stay tuned...things could get interesting!



OMG too funny. You must use your detective skills to find out the story on the paper plates and TV dinner. People are so fascinating. I can't wait to hear what happens today. Where is this cruise all going.


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