This Bob’s not your uncle

Friday, November 02, 2018
Nags Head, North Carolina, United States
It’s been a real test today, but thankfully I well and truly have my sea legs.  The winds have been high all night so we’ve been rockin’ and rollin’ most of the day.  But that does not hinder things here on the ship.  There is still a big crowd in the dining room at every meal, and Bingo is always busy.
I wasn’t planning on throwing in on today’s Bingo.  Too early in the cruise and the jackpot’s not big enough yet.  But seeing that a certain Miss Kitty was very good to me this morning in the casino, I figured that I’d a) found a new pair of lucky undies; or b) was on a bit of a winning streak.  Either way, the odds were in my favour.  And then...there was Bob...
Bob is fairly unassuming.  He’s from Ann Arbor, Michigan, not that that makes an difference.  In fact, you wouldn’t notice him at all in a crowd.  He’s fairly tall with graying hair, but really stands out when he yells ‘Bingo’.  Out of 4 games today, Bob yelled ‘Bingo’ for 2 of them. Bob was close to becoming ‘Barnacle Bob’ cause I think if he’d won a third they would have made him walk the plank.  Fortunately for him, he will only be known as ‘Bingo Bob’ from now on.
And tonight I solved the mystery of Elvira, Wilbur and the paper plates.  It’s pretty simple, really.  They are keeping kosher.  Now I’ll have to find someone else to study.  Maybe Bingo Bob sits near me.  

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Curious how you find out about the kosher thing? Did ya come right out and ask them?!


Wilbur was wearing a yarmulke and the rest just became clear.

Fran Meehan

Yay, lucky panties.