Stink-up on the Sky Deck

Saturday, November 03, 2018
Bermuda, Bermuda
Nothing beats a day sitting by the pool on a cruise ship.  Even when the wind is blowing up like a hurricane.  The temps are lovely, but the water is a tad cold, so I’m spending my time watching and listening.  
I even move around occasionally so I can listen in on different conversations.  I especially love the rather loud Americans who feel their conversations are the most important so they conduct them at an elevated volume to be sure they’re heard by everyone in the vicinity.
There are 3 different pool areas on this ship.  The biggest and most family oriented is in the absolute middle of the top deck.  There is a smaller pool located at the back of the ship, and another at the front.  These front and back pools have the same all adult clientele.  
I’m currently enjoying the Retreat Pool at the front of the ship.  We’re literally cutting the wind.  You wouldn’t dare wear a hat out here as you’d see a dolphin or whale wearing it in no time...providing there WERE any dolphins or whales around.  And NO, I’ve seen NONE.
I’m currently sitting next to a rather old cat.  One that has developed a very loud purr that sounds a lot like a small engine.  This cat is male, about 75, with a lot of grey hair.  He’s mobile, but rather weathered, so may actually be younger than I’ve suggested.  Typical of cats, he’s a loner.  Well...I thought he was a loner...apparently his wife must have recognized his rather loud purring and has come to retrieve him.
The conversation that I particularly got a chuckle out of was a couple of men sitting close by who are comparing notes about this current as well as past and future cruises.  One tells the other that he thinks in the next year or so he might do ‘that Canadian cruise that this ship was just on before we boarded’.  
Not my cup of tea for a cruise, but hey, to each their own.  He went on to say ‘yup, I heard that it was 30 degree weather last week when this ship was up there’.  Well, knock me down and call me Susan!  It’s been a month or so since we’ve seen 30 degree weather in the Maritimes, but hey, I wasn’t gonna burst his bubble.  I just want to be somewhere near the port of SJ when he disembarks to 8 degree weather, possible rain and probable fog.  Americans really don’t know much about Canada!
Tonight we decided to partake of a late evening stargazing lecture which nearly turned into ‘the set-to under the stars’.  Hey, it’s formal night, the lecture doesn’t start till 9pm, it’s being held out of the way at the very back of the ship, so odds are there will only be a few in attendance.  Well, I couldn’t have been more wrong.  There was a huge crowd and when we lined up to receive our listening devices, they made an announcement that, due to a technical glitch, not all their devices charged properly, so many people were turned away.  They were promised another presentation later on in the cruise.  Shit happens, right?  Apparently not.  Two women and a man charged to the front of the line and proceeded to tear a strip off the 2 crew members organizing the activity.  They were the first ones there, they said.  They were told to go wait on some benches a short distance away, they said.  When the queue formed up, they were so far away that they ended up at the back of the line, they said.  They were inconsolable...they were rude...but, as the old saying just wasn’t in the stars for them tonight.
One more sea day then we’ll be back on terra firma.  

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