Can you hear me now?

Sunday, November 04, 2018
Cockburn Harbour, Caicos Islands, Turks and Caicos
We’ve been at sea for 3 days and it’s becoming a little ‘off-putting’.  I’ve not seen another ship, a dolphin, whale or even a fish.  There have been no birds save for a couple of little chickadees that I think must live onboard, cause there’s no way those tiny wings could withstand the winds to fly them out here into the middle of nowhere.  I haven’t even seen a silhouette of land off in the distant horizon.  Gawd, I hope we haven’t floated off into another dimension.   What if we land tomorrow and it turns out that 5 years have passed?  Couldn’t happen, you say?  Well, perhaps it could.  We haven’t seen another living ANYTHING for 3 days.  And the winds have been very powerful...and...yesterday we passed through the Bermuda Triangle.  No joke!  The captain announced it on his noon hour status update.  Oh well, if that happens, I’ll deal with it tomorrow...or 5 years from now...whichever!
We’ve got a very chatty Brit as our captain.  He loves to give these lengthy updates at noon every day.  But he’s gotta do some work on his adjectives.  Like today he said we’re experiencing ‘trade winds’ due to the area we’re passing through.  What he should have said is ‘hold on to your arse cause the effin winds are blowing a gale out there.’  It was soooo windy that I only lasted 40 minutes by the pool and I just couldn’t stand the constant gusts that take your breath away.  
It’s been a lazy day for all.  Just sitting around contemplating what life will be like in the alternate dimension.  So...if you don’t hear from me for awhile, don’t be concerned.  I’ll touch base when we get back!  I’ll be the incredibly young looking one!!

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