Land ho!

Monday, November 05, 2018
Philipsburg, Sint Maarten
We had a long stay here in Sint Maarten today which gave us lots of time to see what we needed to see...which wasn’t a lot really, as we’ve been a couple of times before.  The main thing on our agenda was visiting our friend Henry.  We met him back in 2001 when we spent a week here and Kier spent the week haggling with him over a ring.  This is our third visit back to the island, and our first stop is always to see how Henry is doing.
Phillipsburg was hit really hard with the hurricanes this year and the downtown is really suffering.  Many spots were closed for 4 months after the storm hit.  Some never reopened.  Cruise traffic is way down so far this season.  Hopefully things will improve with time.
We remained in port until 10:30pm and needless to say, on a Monday there’s not much going on after 5pm. Even the cruise terminal area was all shut down after 8:30pm.  
                            ’s a shocker for wasn’t the olds that got on my nerves today on the ship, it was the youngs...and by youngs I really mean the 30 somethings.  These are healthy, fit people who insist upon taking the elevator up 2 floors.  I mean really!  I’ve made a point to avoid the elevators if at all possible, because they’re generally full to capacity with olds and people with mobility issues.  This evening we opted to treat ourselves to an elevator ride and boarded on the 5th.  Just as the doors are closing they pop open again.  In come a young couple and what do they push, but deck 7.  Really?  Absolutely disgraceful.  Obviously not concerned with step count like we Fitbitters are!  
Off to Antigua!



Thought you were ditching the “bit”?


Going to be one of many changes in the New Year!