Cocoon 2

Tuesday, November 06, 2018
Antigua, Antigua and Barbuda
It’s a ‘triple’ here in St John’s, Antigua today.  Three ships in...which translates to too friggin’ many people in a very small downtown core.  We did a quick stroll but the crowds discouraged us from staying, so back on the ship an hour after we disembarked.
It’s a beautiful sunny day, though, so a perfect for the pool.  Up to the retreat pool we go cause it’s a bit smaller and quieter.  It was actually warm enough to get in the water today too.  OMG!  I thought I was in a scene from that old movie Cocoon for all the olds lined up around the edge of the pool, clinging onto the sides.  For a minute there I thought we’d gone BACK in time when we hit that alternate dimension, but when I didn’t see Jessica Tandy, I figured I was alright.  I had to wait for a few old girls to slowly descend the stairs into the water.  They were slower than usual, and I soon found out why.  The water is like ice!  Absolutely freezing.  I was in and out within minutes.  I just wanted a quick dip to cool off.  These olds must actually think it’s the fountain of youth, cause they’re hanging in there for dear life.  And whatever you do...don’t get in the way of the power scooter’s when they zip around the pool, cause they’ll run you over.  
Apparently word is out that this pool has healing powers...but I hate to burst their bubbles.  The only power it has is the power to protect you from the sun’s rays.  And that’s not due to anything mystical or magical.  It’s simply do to the fact that there is so effin’ much residual sun cream and oil that’s washed off the old’s bodies that when you climb out you actually feel slimed.  But hey...I forgot to pack my suntan lotion, so this way I can get some for free.  Even’s still an overwhelming feeling of ‘YUCK’ when you climb out of the pool!
And now for a wee bit of an update on Harriet and Wilbur...and no, Wilbur didn’t pick up a new chick onboard.  Elvira’s name is really Harriet.  I have to say, I feel quite sorry for these folks.  That first night their dinner was served on a plastic TV dinner tray.  Every night since then they receive a salad on the typical paper plate, eaten with lemon and some sort of dressing and what I can only assume is the best quality of plastic cutlery.  That course is followed by 4 foil packets which is a main and a side individually packaged for each of them...again, on the requisite paper plate.  They tear into the foil and consume the contents...right out of the foil.  They don’t even remove the contents from the foil and place it on the high quality chinet.  I just know how my dinner is one of the highlights of my day on the ship.  How can something that resembles a ration packet be a highlight?  It’s quite likely that this bothers no one but me...but still...
Another sea day tomorrow.  One more port of call.  Where does the time go?