Story time at sea

Friday, November 09, 2018
West Bay, West Bay, Cayman Islands
It’s obvious we’re heading north again, just based on the increased wind.  We’re right back to the early days of the cruise when you’d nearly get blown off the deck.  But the water is warm so I got to spend some quality time with ‘the olds’ in the adult pool.  
I heard an interesting story while there today.  It goes like this...a lady and her husband arrived at the cruise ship terminal in Brooklyn for the start of this cruise.  They arrived at 1pm and handed their passports to the check-in staff.  “You’re passports are expired”, they were told.  Apparently they HAVE valid passports, but grabbed the expired ones by mistake.  They are told they can’t board.  Mrs. Old proceeds to have a melt down and starts to cry.  “Don’t cry”, they tell her and add that there’s one thing that they can do.  They have to travel to the passport office in New York City, which they did.  They had to get new photos taken, get issued replacement passports, and be back to Brooklyn for 4:30pm.  Obviously they made it cause they were in the pool to tell the story.
So...I have a couple of questions...but the first one is this...who keeps their expired passports in the same spot as their valid ones?  And aren’t the expired passports here in the US voided like our Canadian ones are?  Any of my expired passports have holes punched all over them spelling out “VOID”.  But maybe that’s just for me...the one who ONCE inadvertently put a passport through the washing machine and was subjected to a stern lecture and threat of non-replacement should it happen again.  That’s me...a passport rogue!
And lastly...can you imagine if the same thing happened to a Canadian, in Canada?  I’m sure if I landed at a passport office, even in Toronto or Ottawa, looking for a reissued passport cause my valid one is at home in a desk drawer they’d promptly tell me ‘sucks to be you’.  
This cruise is winding down.  One more sea day and then we’re landlubbers again.

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