Under surveillance

Monday, November 12, 2018
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States
It’s been weird since our arrival here in Fort Lauderdale yesterday.  I’m not sure what we did upon leaving the ship that drew the attention of the ‘authorities’, but we’ve been under surveillance ever since. 
Now it’s pretty hard to surveil people who have keen eyes of trained observers, like ourselves.  We were able to pick him out right away.  He’s a skinny guy.  Always dressed in darks.  He’s also got good footwear with excellent treads in case he’s involved in a foot chase.  But he must be new at the surveillance game, cause his approach of ‘hide in plain sight’ just doesn’t cut it with us.
I’ll give him props though...cause I never noticed him till a few hours after our arrival.  In fact, after we’d checked in to the hotel and got our room around noon.  We were heading out to Ross’ and TJ Maxx when I nearly tripped over him on the sidewalk.  ‘Well, excuse me’, I thought to myself.  I didn’t verbalize it, though, cause quite frankly, I didn’t think he was paying attention.  He was just sort of nonchalantly standing in the middle of the sidewalk.  We walked around him.  
We left Ross’ on our way over to TJ Maxx and we must have walked right into the middle of a meeting of this one with his colleague.  They weren’t expecting THAT, I’m sure.  This time we didn’t pay attention to them as we walked past.  But in reality, I took in every detail.  They both were dressed alike in all dark.  They both were skinny and of average height.  Nothing really stood out, other than they were meeting in the middle of the sidewalk where we were passing. ‘Gotcha!’, I thought to myself, figuring this would be the end, seeing that this is the second time we’ve caught him.
He’s nothing if not persistent.  Imagine my surprise when we left TJ Maxx and there he was again.  Back to alone, but still not getting the part of surveillance where you try to be discreet and blend in with your surroundings.  Unless he thought that standing in a corner between the Maxx store and Publix was being discreet!  I mean really, he doesn’t have a clue who he’s watching, obviously.  Maybe it’s a training exercise cause let me tell you, he stinks at this.  
We weren’t overly concerned and no police kicked in our door overnight, so we figured we must have inadvertently got caught up in a training exercise.  After breakfast we left the hotel on foot...and again...he’s there.  At least he had the decency to try to change his appearance a bit today so he wouldn’t be quite so obvious.  I mean really...we burned him 3 times yesterday.  
Good thing we’re heading to the airport tomorrow.  I’m pretty sure that will be out of his range.

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