Shake it Mabel!!

Monday, March 18, 2019
Princess Cays Resort, South Eleuthera, Bahamas
Peace and tranquility...highly under rated.  After yesterday’s high adrenaline, today was a day for r&r...with a side of people watching.
So it’s time for a bit about the demographics of this floating hotel, now that we’ve actually had some time to check it out.  It’s a bit of a blended crowd.  Being March Break for what seems like half of North America spells a large ‘littles’ population.  But what’s even more interesting is the huge number of multi-generational groups.  Many, many groups of 8 or 10.  Gotta be tough finding tables at the breakfast buffet.  Not to mention the expense.  Wow!  This morning we saw a family of 7, traveling with Grandma in tow.  Three little boys sharing a cabin with Dad and the other group of girls staying in another cabin.  How do we know the makeup of the cabins?  Cause little boys like to talk to strangers...a lot.  And they were particularly interested in talking to the woman at the end of our table.  We’ll call her Mabel.  
Mabel is traveling with 2 of her elderly women friends...let’s call them Shirley and Lois.  They’re from New York...or they were at one time...but still have the strong accents.  Could be Floridians now, as a lot of elderly New Yorkers seem to become.  Mabel has sciatica.  Mabel ALSO likes to talk.  Bit of an odd combination, you’d think.  Little Johnny explaining how Dad sleeps in the cabin with him and his brothers.  Dad has to sleep in a little bed, but Mom gets a big one in the other cabin.  Dad usually gets the big bed...but not this time!!  To which Mabel responds that her sciatica has been bothering her and she’s not gonna go ashore today.  In all likelihood, Little Johnny probably thinks that ‘sciatica’ is the new LEGO movie, but what the hey, both seem to be enjoying their conversation.
Needless to say, with all the ‘littles’ around, I headed directly for the Adults Only pool today.  Now, most families probably headed for the beach, but we’re just not beach people.  Don’t like getting ‘sand in the cracks’!  And don’t really like to swim in water where ANYTHING might brush up against your leg...or worse, take a huge bite out of it!  So my swimming, more paddling really, is relegated to pools only.  We bumped into Mabel, Shirley and Lois while we were there.  Mabel mentioned to Little Johnny that they’d be going there today.  Shirley said it would be the easiest pool for Mabel to get into cause of the stairs there...what with Mabel’s sciatica and all.  We took up chairs a loooong way from them.  My interest in Mabel and her sciatica have hit the saturation point!
We’ve got great servers in the dining room as well.  On many of our cruises, our waiter and assistant are barely worth mentioning.  Some are slooooooooow and prolong the meal time to an agonizing crawl.  But not on this cruise.  It’s a female waiter which we have only experienced once or twice before.  She’s sharp, she’s organized, and she communicates very well with her assistant.  Although tonight one of them screwed up a bit.  I ordered a classic shrimp cocktail for a starter.  One would EXPECT it to be served with a dollop of seafood sauce.  Tonight, one would have been wrong.  What was it served with, you ask?  A dollop....of ketchup.  Well, they got the COLOUR right.  Fortunately, it’s not something I order every night.  Only when no other appetizers are appealing.  
Tonight, it was to the top deck for another Movie Under the Stars.  Gotta say, I’m not having much luck with my movie picks thus far.  I was 0 for 2 before tonight.  I started to watch First Man last evening and left after only 1 hour.  OMG!  Talk about a slow movie.  Today I watched The Favourite...but fell asleep half way through.  The best word to describe it was ‘WEIRD’.  This evening’s offering was a good ole Mark Wahlberg film.  Instant Family.  It was light, it was funny, I gave it 3 stars!!
Tomorrow we’re at sea.  Stay tuned!!



So very happy that today was a much more relaxing day for the two of you! Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride...