We’ve been to sea, Wally....WaLLY...WALLLLLLY!!!

Friday, March 22, 2019
Sosúa, Puerto Plata Province, Dominican Republic
We’re ‘unsocial’...I’ll admit it.  We’re ‘keep to ourselves’ kind of people.  Well, we TRY to be.  I hesitate to use the word ‘antisocial’ because that has such negative connotations.  Is it from years of working with the public that’s done it?  I choose to think so.  Otherwise, I’m just a middle aged, verging on old, woman who grew up with a tendency toward reclusiveness.  Doesn’t paint a pretty picture.
With the close proximity of the balconies on a cruise ship, it’s sometimes very hard to keep to yourself.  Especially when your cabin is next to Wally and Connie.  And before you ask...this time those ARE their real names!!  They’re in their 70’s, maybe even 80.  And based on the celebratory balloons and sign on their cabin door, they’re celebrating an anniversary.  Good on them.  Could be a milestone...like 50, or 60 years.
One thing I can absolutely attest to, is that Wally is terribly hard of hearing...or perhaps it’s Connie that has the impairment.  I’m not entirely sure, cause when they sit on their balcony, which is fairly often, they yell at one another.  And not in the ‘you’re a rotter, why did I stay married to you for this long’ kind of way, but in the ‘if I don’t raise my voice, he/she won’t understand a word I’m saying’ way.  
And Wally has binoculars that he loves to use.  He might be a bit of a ‘peeping Wally’, cause even when we were docked right beside another ship yesterday, he was out on his balcony eyeballing other guests across the way with those bino’s.  We’re talking 15 yards away...maybe Wally’s eye sight’s a bit off as well.  Aging sucks.  I should know!
One more sea day tomorrow.  Time flies when you’re out meeting new people!