Last day

Saturday, March 23, 2019
Cat Island, Cat Island, Bahamas
Here we are, on our last day.  We disembark tomorrow.  And given how we started the cruise in a race to make the ship, it shouldn’t be a surprise that we were sitting by our door awaiting the return of our last load of laundry to pack and get our luggage out for pick up.  We were supposed to have gotten it back last night.  Oh well, better late than never.
It’s been a relaxing week spent watching tons of movies.  I didn’t get to Bingo even once this week.  I just wasn’t ‘feeling’ it.  I also didn’t spend much time in the casino, although I did cash in $102 this evening.  It’s that ole ‘good karma’ kicking in.  That $100 I won in Sint Maarten that I left on the island by buying a bracelet that I truly didn’t need.  Well, it came back to me on the ship, in the form of cash.  Gotta love it!
Six ships docking tomorrow morning.  We’re #3, so it’ll be an early arrival.  Spending the night in Fort Lauderdale before heading home on Monday, so this will be so long for this trip.  
Stay tuned for the next’ll be starting sooner than you’d think!

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