History was re-written today

Saturday, March 30, 2019
Bally Haly Country Club, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
It was the official opening of the Nationals today.  All the pomp and circumstance with a little celebrity thrown in.  Three guesses who was on hand to throw out the opening stone.  You might have guessed Brad Gushue...but you might be wrong.  If you guessed someone from the Gushue team...you’d be wrong again.  The opening stone was thrown out by none other than the Brier Bear.  Well, to clarify that, it was the guy who was the Brier Bear some years back...don’t ask me his name cause I don’t recall.  And for those, like myself, who don’t know WHAT or WHO a Brier Bear is...he is a guy...who dresses up as a bear...at the Brier.  Who knew??
And then it was game time.  There we were, Team David, heading out on the ice to take on Team Goliath (Team Canada).  Our weapons of choice are not the usual slingshots, but instead, curling brooms.  We had such high hopes.  We wanted to be dragon slayers.  After the first end we lowered our expectations.  Okay...not dragon slayers, lets just hold them to a decent game.  By end 3 those old expectations were lowered again.  Let’s just get on the board so it’s not a total blowout.  History was rewritten at Bally Haly today.  The Goliaths were successful...the David’s didn’t win this time.  Maybe tomorrow.  We’ve got 2 chances to put the first win on the board.  Oh...and NOTE TO SELF...lucky undies may work well at casinos, but have little to no impact at the curling rink!!
Some new rules implemented since my last trip to Nationals.  I understand the rationale for not allowing ball caps with logos or company names on them.  No free advertising rides at this Nationals.  But also no puffins allowed.  Can you believe that???  Apparently my puffin hat is not considered a ‘regulation hat’.  Which only begs the question, ‘what does a regulation hat consist of?’.  My puffin hat has no distinguishable logo or advertisement on it.  It has a bill, or a peak, which I just choose to wear backwards as a matter of fashion.  It covers my head and keeps me warm.  Plus, it’s cute as the dickens.  The only ‘regulation hat’ that can be worn is a ball cap with only your province displayed on it, or a plain black toque, read boring, which they provided in swag bags and has the logo for the Newfoundland Police Curling Association.  To say I’m miffed is an understatement.  Who knew that CUTE would be legislated against???
And if my day wasn’t going badly enough as it was, I had to get word that the Stones’ Mick Jagger has some medical condition that is causing the upcoming tour in North America to be cancelled.  The ‘troop roady’ is now entirely up in the air.  Have I not suffered enough????  Way to kick a girl while she’s down...lemonade anyone!!!



How they dare to ban the puffin I thought it would be the national bird. Good luck in your next games


No puffin hats?! Sounds like the “no fun” curling championships!