Monday, April 01, 2019
Bally Haly Country Club, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
 There’s a lot of things that you can be ‘on’.  If you’re a drinker, you can be ‘on the wagon’.  If you like to travel (and you know I do), you can be ‘on the road’.  It’s fun sometimes to go out ‘on the town’.  And in the warm weather there are people who love to be ‘on the beach’...not me though, cause I don’t like to get sand in my cracks!  
But if you’re a witch, or a curler (and no, I’m not BOTH!), there’s only one place you want to be...and that’s ‘on the broom’.  And for the most part, we all were today.  
We had a few hours off at midday.  Seeing that we’re staying right downtown, and we scoped out a lot of lovely shops on Sunday morning when nothing was open, it was time for some retail therapy.  It was power shopping at it’s finest.  I was ‘on the hunt’!
First stop was Island Designs and Gifts for my Corrie Street swag.  I found a few things that I just needed to have.     
But I also found a non-Corrie thing that I absolutely needed to have.  These babies will be traveling with me on a regular basis.  They are soooooo comfy...and more importantly...sooooo cute!
There are just so many shops to go into, and so little time.  Fortunately, we have a break at midday tomorrow as well, so I can hit the ones that I missed today.  
I do feel some responsibility to help out the economy wherever I travel.  I fulfilled that responsibility today.
Oh...and we curled 2 games today...and even though we were ‘on the broom’...we were definitely ‘off our game’...both times.  Shit happens!  And that’s NO April Fool’s joke...unfortunately.


Dave & Rhea

Great that you folks are having fun. Keep up. Wish I was there with you.


You could play for Team Norway with pants like that! Too bad Thomas Ulsrud and “the pants” retired mid March. No reason to watch competitive curling anymore. ☹️


Too bad you lost, being "on the broom"! But happy "cop" faces at dinner looks like you're not crying in your soup ( or chicken)! Better curling luck today!