What a difference a day makes

Wednesday, April 03, 2019
Bally Haly Country Club, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
Twenty-four little hours later and Team NB is on a high.  We’re coming off 2 victories.  Who knew that after the crap day we had yesterday that things would turn around so spectacularly!
After a relaxing morning with a late breakfast and some more retail therapy, we headed to the club to start work.  Our first game was against the Canadian Police Curling Association (CPCA) team.  There were even odds as to our chances of winning.  It was a tight race and went to an extra end, but we stole 2 to put us on top.
Our next game was against Northern Ontario and we really held out little expectation of a victory.  Alas, after 4 days of curling, our team finally found their rhythm.  It, too, came down to the final shots, but again we came out on top.
We even made it on the local evening news!  Both Kier and I were shown on a couple of occasions.  Local celebrities, we are!!
And for those of you that asked about the BC team, they were in a tie for top spot and may have to go to a tie breaker, depending on the outcome of the next 2 days of curling.
This evening it was a little R&R and some compression boot therapy.  They are scary to look at but good for the legs.  I’ll be able to kick out of the hack with ease for the next 2 days.  Thanks Lynn!
Look out for tomorrow, cause Team NB is on a roll!!



Congrats on your wins.Mother Nature struck again today SNOW the ploughs were out. Good luck tomorrow Jean


Congratulations I was checking the live score to see how you were doing and was thrilled to see you won both