It just doesn’t work that way...

Thursday, April 04, 2019
Delta Hotels by Marriott St. John's Conference Centre, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
It’s a well known fact that anything washed in hot water is gonna shrink.  Based on this, I had a steaming hot shower prior to squeezing into my uniform for the Parade of Colour and Awards Gala this evening.  I’m here to tell you that my jeans may shrink when washed in hot water, and so does my favourite sweater, but my body...does not shrink an inch.  Dammit!
Where there’s a will...and a very strong shoehorn...there’s a way and I was able to stuff everything into where it should go and still have room to consume a 3 course meal.  Yum!
The venue was The Rooms, which is a museum and art gallery with a phenomenal view of the St. John’s harbour.  Such an interesting spot that I’m planning on heading back there to actually go through some of the exhibits.  There’s a particular one that we were told about today that’s called “Suspended” and sounds quite intriguing.  Which speaks volumes for the description I got, because I’m not much of a museum person.
It was a fairly long evening, so to say that I was not exactly thrilled about the thought of a lengthy, monotonous and boring address by a keynote speaker, would not be an understatement.  Colour me wrong when Toby MacDonald got up to speak.  One of the many entries on his resume is that he was the coach of the Gushue Team starting way back when they were just 4 guys curling in St. John’s.  This guy was interesting.  He had lots of stories and anecdotes, and even played the harmonica.  An unbeatable combination.  And that’s high praise coming from someone who’s not a dyed in the wool curling fanatic.
The curling continued today, and we’re down to single games.  We played on the early draw and our last game is tomorrow, also on the early draw.  Gotta say, we don’t play our best when we’ve had to get up at 6:45, which has been most mornings this week.
Not a real good showing today against Manitoba, but they are one of the top ranked teams, so no great surprise there.  We just didn’t bring our A game.  Happens when the GAFF (Give a Fu#$ Factor) starts to get low...and I can only speak for myself, but it’s some low, sure it is.
The week is winding down.  Only 1 more game and 2 more sleeps and it’ll be time to pack everything up and head for home...and to get some sleep.  Pub Crawl slated for tomorrow night...think I’ll be taking a pass on that one.  I’ve been ‘screeched in’ on previous trips (something they now charge $7/person for), and have heard plenty of traditional music in the hospitality room.  No need to subject myself to a crowded and noisy George Street bar.  Been there, done that.
Surely we’ll find something else to do under the bright lights of the big city!


Dave and Rhea

You made a great showing. Better then most. You have a great team.


Pics are great! Having a good time and winning a few...sounds perfect!


It's the air in your closet shrinking your & Kier look very dashing in your dress reds. Sounds like a wonderful week of curling & socializing.