We won’t go away empty handed...

Friday, April 05, 2019
Delta Hotels by Marriott St. John's Conference Centre, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
Final day on the ice and thanks to a fluke shot, we managed to beat Team Newfoundland and Labrador.  We finish with a record of 4-7 and an overall placement of 8th.  But, we will not go home empty handed as we were the winners of the Atlantic Cup.  That’s the competition within the competition that involved only those of us in the Atlantic Provinces.  Of that, we...are...the...’champeens’!!
I finally indulged in some fish and chips today at a highly recommended pub called the Duke of Duckworth.  This spot’s claim to fame has nothing to do with the food, although the fish and chips were to die for.  Nope, this spot is known as the bar from the Canadian television show The Republic of Doyle.  They built a set that was an exact replica of the Duke of Duckworth to film all the pub scenes.  Surprisingly no advertisements of that are within the REAL pub, but guess it’s one of those things that is so commonly known it doesn’t require a sign.
This afternoon we headed back to The Rooms to look at the Phillipa Jones installation exhibit called ‘Suspended’.  Unfortunately, there was a ‘no photography’ policy in the Art Gallery so you can’t see some of the very odd, ummm I mean very interesting, works of art on display.  
We checked out some of the museum side while there, and I must say, they had one of the most comprehensive World War I exhibitions that I’ve ever seen.  Was most impressed by the full wall of medals that belonged to the members of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment.  They had some German artifacts as well, but nothing in as good shape as my father’s war memorabilia from WW II.
Early night tonight as the pub crawl is in full swing and the hospitality room won’t open till much later.  
Tomorrow is the end of the curling with the semi’s and final.  Team Canada plays Saskatchewan in the semi-final with the winner facing BC in the final.  Might have time to squeeze in some last minute retail therapy before the closing ceremonies.
What a day!

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Dave and Rhea

Yeahhhhhh. I knew you folks would do well. It's been many years ago that New Brunswick won four games. We are happy for you and the team. The 5 of you certainly raised the ball. Safe journey home. When do you arrive back home??


Awesome! You beat your previous record. Job completed! Safe travels


Sounds like you’ve had a great time Congratulations !