Deja vu all over again!

Monday, September 16, 2019
Greater Moncton Roméo LeBlanc International Airport, New Brunswick, Canada
There was a time when I said “I guess we’re just lucky, but I never have problems with flights”, but that was a verrrrry long time ago.  It seems in the past couple of years any and all flights I take involve a delay, missed connections, and lots of out-of-the-way rerouting.  
I really thought that this trip would be different.  For one, we opted to fly out of Moncton.  Surely there’s no fog to deal with there.  And by switching to WestJet I figured we’d be golden.  Once again...I figured wrong.  As soon as we arrived at the airport and sent our drive on her way back to Quispamsis, I checked the flight time (and yes, I checked it before departing home and it clearly said ‘on time’) and, surprise, surprise, it was showing a delay.  With only a 50 minute connection time, our schedule couldn’t tolerate any delays.  
By the time we got to the gate agent we were already being told that with our new arrival time of only 15 minutes before the next flight’s departure, we would not make it.’s all about the options.  From the get go our options were only 2...stay in Moncton until tomorrow night and then have the same itinerary as today, putting arrival into Gatwick on Wednesday morning.  The second option was to fly to Toronto, be put up in a hotel there at the airlines’ expense and catch the flight tomorrow night.  Not ideal, but since my philosophy is ‘moving is better than sitting still’, we were going to opt for that one.  And then I asked the question...”what about flying into Heathrow?”.  I only asked that because a couple were at the next gate agent over who were also scheduled on our flight to London and they had asked the same question and seemed to be getting results.  Well, if you call the gate agent making a call to ‘head office’, or wherever they call when faced with decisions they can’t make on their own.  
The other couple did get on a British Airways flight tonight which will arrive close to the same time tomorrow as originally planned.  As luck would have it, there were only 3 seats left on that flight.  Unless Kier was willing to fly cargo, it just wouldn’t work.  But a new Plan B was offered...Moncton to Toronto to Reykjavik to Heathrow. We arrive at 4:30 pm tomorrow.  Same day as originally scheduled, but a few hours later.  Ding, ding, ding...we have a winner.  (Meanwhile, the couple going with British Airways are currently chewing they nails because any further delays will mean they’re gonna miss their connection.)  Sometimes everything just happens for a reason.  Stay tuned!
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