Iceland...and now London

Tuesday, September 17, 2019
Keflavík International Airport, Iceland silver lining.  Okay, so we were a few hours later arriving in London.  If this old travel planner has learned NOTHING ELSE, she’s definitely learned not to plan anything big (read expensive) on arrival day.  So really, no harm, no foul.  
The aforementioned silver lining was this...there were very few people on our flight to Reykjavik, so we all got to stretch out on 3 seats to ourselves and lie down for a grand ole nap.  It’s certainly gonna make it easier to ‘hit the ground running’ in London.
The stop in Iceland was interesting as it had been several years since we passed through this country.  It was only a 3 hour stay at the airport, but long enough for me to spend a bit of $ at the souvenir shops, and for Kier to spend $10 US on a cup of coffee and a muffin! Nothing’s changed here!  Still as expensive as ever!  But really...who doesn’t need a puffin luggage tag and zipper pull??
Apparently I overestimated the value of my naps because there was no ‘running’ when we hit terra firma.  What there was amounted to a slow tube trip to the hotel, a quick bite, a stroll to the grocery store for supplies (read cider) and then to bed.
It’s been a roller coaster day, but fortunately the only real inconvenience was that the Heathrow Express staff would not honour my pre-booked Gatwick Express tickets .  Even when I unleashed the ole ‘puppy dog eyes’ and explained the uncontrollable rerouting.  Nope...this fellow was not having it. Oh well, that’s what trip interruption insurance is for.  
We checked in to a hotel that I haven’t used for 5 years.  Funny how your memory only remembers the good stuff.  Sure the rooms are tiny...they all are in the hotels around here.  But it seems I have forgotten just how poor their wifi was...and still is.  But their air conditioning works wonderfully!!  Oh well!
Tomorrow’s another day...and will be a highlight...Come From Away!!
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Hope the rest of your trip is hitch free ! Have fun !