Liquid pride

Wednesday, September 18, 2019
Paddington, England, United Kingdom
It seems I’m becoming more sentimental in my old age...much more than I was even a couple of weeks ago.  And what makes me say this, you ask?  Well, I first went to see Come From Away a couple of years ago in NYC with my good friend Patti.  I found it touching.  I wept a little near the end (****SPOILER ALERT****) when the woman found out her firefighter son died at Ground Zero.  
The second time I saw the musical it was last January in Toronto with my fav sissy-in-law Fay.  I wept a little, near the middle  (****SPOILER ALERT****), when the Muslim man was given a place to do his prayers...and pretty much continued...right through till the end.
And tonight was the third time seeing it...and man oh man...the liquid pride started leaking from my eyes (****NOT A SPOILER ALERT****) right at the opening number...and continued...right through till the end.  I don’t dare go a fourth time...I’d likely start the day before!!  And another non-spoiler alert, and just in case anyone’s curious...the cast of the show tonight?  The same cast as my first viewing in NYC.
It’s been an all around great day in the big city.  We covered a lot of territory starting this morning at the London Silver Vaults.  This is located in the basement of an old bank vault.  Each individual vault used to be owned/rented by well-to-do families back in the day.  Now, these vaults are rented by silver dealers.  Each one has a large and varied inventory, and needless to say, nothing was in our price range.  Kier did inquire about 2 porcelain cane handles that he noticed in one of the showcases.  The vendor looked up the first one in her thick book and quoted £1200.  She then started looking for the price of the second one...Kier told her not to bother looking as that was a tad out of our price range!  No shit, Sherlock!!  Not too many of the vendors were particularly ‘chatty’, and some didn’t really believe us when we stated we were just browsing.  They thought we were secretly searching for something.  But when one did mistake us for people with money and inquired as to what we ‘collected’ and I responded ‘dust’, he realized we were truly just ‘tire kickers’.  Not a place to indulge in any real retail therapy, but nice to see anyway.  Most stuff wasn’t fragile but I kept my hands in my pockets at all times while that little rhyme ran through my head ‘nice to look at, nice to hold, but if you break it consider it sold’.  
From the vaults we walked by the London Law Courts, through Covent Garden Market and over for a quick stop at Gordon’s Wine Bar.  Then through Trafalgar Square, a pop in to Canada House and the Gallery there (side took us longer to clear security and gain entry than it did to view the 6 or so pieces of work on display...just sayin’), and then through Regent and Oxford Streets.  
The evening even ended on a bit of an exciting note.  We were walking from Paddington Station back to our hotel.  We passed a group of 3 young East Indian guys talking.  I overheard one saying “...und eet is berry, berry goud to be here in London”...I stopped short...I grabbed the guy by the arm and said “please, please, please, I beg of you”...he just stood there looking oddly at me, so I continued “I beg of you...STOP CALLING MY HOUSE ABOUT MY COMPUTER!!!!!”.  Okay, okay, I didn’t REALLY do that...but I sure wanted to!!!!
Till tomorrow!!
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Hahaha...that’s too funny...the bit at the end I mean!


You had me going there Katrina !


Sounds like a perfect day. You had me going too lol