Thirsty Thursday...I might have had a cider or two

Thursday, September 19, 2019
Paddington, England, United Kingdom
Last day here in London before we move on tomorrow, so we were busy playing catch-up after our late arrival on Tuesday.  This morning we were up and out early for a stroll along the Paddington Basin to Little Venice.  
From there, we were off to The Clink Prison Museum.  This is a very small, but jam-packed little museum with lots of information and hands on displays.  A very interactive experience for sure...and Shelley, you would have loved it...very ghoulish!  Especially the whole room on torture devices!
With it being located very near the Borough Market, that was our second stop of the day.  A quick browse through all the food stalls.  The highlight??  Finding the licorice fudge.  OMG!  Only got 4 pieces and wished I’d gotten another dozen, it is soooo good!  Oh well, if I had too much of it, it wouldn’t be a treat?  Right??
From there we traveled to the other side of London and checked out the Shepherd’s Bush Market.  The consensus...should have taken a pass.  Reminded me a lot of Camden Market which is not my favourite.  Luckily, it’s located very close to Westfield Shopping Centre so we had a wander through there.  
Obviously I have some wealth coming my way...based on that rhyme “early to bed, early to rise, makes a man (or woman) healthy, wealthy and wise”.  We’re off to bed early because we’re on the road early in the morning.
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You may have to make a return visit to the Clink next spring. And did you not stop for a pint at that pub? Would love to see the inside.