A ‘Royale’ pain in the ass

Saturday, September 21, 2019
Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom
We’re loving our new hotel in Bournemouth.  It’s a Best Western from their ‘signature series’...and if by ‘signature series’ they mean full of local character and colour...and old as shit...then this place definitely fits the bill.  But no, we really are loving it...you can actually change MORE than just your mind in the bathroom!  It is actually noisier than our London hotel.  Seems every motorcyclist with a souped up muffler system drives by this corner of the hotel most of the evening.  Fortunately they DO go home to sleep shortly after midnight.
Now you know how I love a deal...and when I could book one night at this spot using Expedia points and then another night using Best Western points, it means we got to stay for 2 nights at a very reasonable price.  I made sure I booked the same class of rooms both nights so we wouldn’t have to move...but never assume.  When we checked in yesterday afternoon we were assigned room 229.  I made sure to inform her of our second ‘reward’ night.  I even explained that I booked the same class of room.  Low and behold, we were in room 2 for the second night.  And yes, we’d have to pack up our belongings, but no worries, the porter would look after moving them for us.  Did we argue?  No...of course not...we were confident that at some point in the next 18 hours logic would dictate.  And it did...about 15 minutes after we got into our room.  Little Missy from the front desk called to say that after much ‘jiggling around’ they’ve arranged for us to stay in the same room.  I was ever so grateful on the phone thanking Little Missy and telling her how wonderful she was, all the while my passive aggressive side was shouting ‘WHAT...EVER’!!!
Today was all about exploring around Bournemouth.  We made a trip to the Marks and Spencers in a shopping centre nearby to ‘stock up’ on supplies for the ship...nudge, nudge, wink, wink.  While shopping I found myself in a fitting room in the Next store.  I was trying on a cute sun dress.  Let me tell you...this changing room had enough mirrors set up that you could see yourself from EVERY angle without moving or turning around.  It was entirely off-putting.  I saw more dimples and rolls than in a hospital nursery!  By the time I covered all that up with the outfit, I no longer wanted to buy it, but just wanted to schedule an appointment with the closest lyposuctionist.  Needless to say, the dress went back on the rack.
Bournemouth is a lovely seaside resort town which is still busy this time of year.  Along with a lengthy beachfront, there’s green space and lots of shops, restaurants and bars.  Very busy on a Saturday.  Even after the sidewalks roll up at 6pm, there are lots of people out and about enjoying the ambiance of the town.  It’s a shame we have to leave tomorrow...but Phase 2 of our holiday awaits.
We’re off to Southampton to board our ship!
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