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Monday, September 23, 2019
Zeebrugge, Flanders, Belgium
Low key would be the best way to describe our day today.  We got off in Zeebrugge for awhile and had a wander around the small town.  We’d visited most places in the area on our last pass through a few years back.  So after our morning exercise regime...yes, it’s true, we did our workout this morning as scheduled...we took a wander off the ship.
There were a few changes close by in the time since our last visit.  Mainly, a huge antique shop right at the pier.  First time ever that we’ve actually paid to get INTO a store.  They wanted €3 each to ‘kick tires’, but if you actually bought something (not quite likely when you consider the size AND price of most of the inventory), you’d get your entrance fee back.  We...did...not.
After some time exploring the boom town (not) of Zeebrugge, we headed back to the ship.  Now, boarding a ship is a lot like boarding an airplane.  You go through security, bags through the x-ray machine, and you walk through the metal detector.  And this isn’t the first day of the cruise, so everyone’s been through this process at least once before.  I will admit that I’m not entirely convinced that the machine is actually turned on, aside from the conveyor belt that moves the baggage through it, but it is the process that we must follow.  So imagine my ‘surprise’ (okay, that’s a bit of a tame word for it) when we were behind a couple boarding the ship and the wife tried to walk through with her shopping bag and purse.  She had to be sent back not once, but twice.  And me...I just bit my tongue.  No...really, I did.
We strolled down to dinner this evening with high expectations of entertainment.  The Milktoast’s were there in all their bland glory, the French’s arrived a bit late, and Billy Whiteshoes and his wife were there.  Billy decided it was his night to hold court, so entertained his table, the French’s and another table of 2 with some sort of balancing trick performed with a pepper shaker, a toothpick, and 2 forks.  Not sure what it was about, and not overly interested, but the French’s?  They were tres impressed, bah oui!
Then Mrs Whiteshoes got up from her seat with her friends and moved over to the French’s table to relate a story...or play charades...not entirely sure because of all the gesticulating.  Maybe she was tired of Billy hogging all the limelight, or just wanting to talk to people other than those they share their table with, but anyway, she was up on her feet and holding court of her own.  
Thankfully for us, the Arizona’s were a no-show tonight.  Sure hope it wasn’t something we DIDN’T say last night!
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