You know it’s not your day when...

Wednesday, September 25, 2019
Brest, Brittany, France
It was another early morning announcement, but today it was of the medical nature.  Someone in ‘zone 5’ needing immediate medical attention.  Although not a common occurrence, it’s also not unheard of.  We’ve heard that broadcast many times while on cruises.  What we didn’t expect was the next announcement which came during our breakfast.  The top decks were being evacuated...or as the captain pronounced it in his heavy Italian accent accommodate the arrival of a French Coast Guard helicopter which would eee-wack-you-ate a passenger.
It was all pretty exciting, although surely not for the passenger involved.  It took over an hour to get ready because they even cleared out cabins near the pool area on the top decks.  This is serious shit.  High winds and poor visibility contributed, I’m sure, to the captain’s decision to contain such a large area.
I took up position on my balcony and all I really got to see was the arrival of the chopper which made a grand swooping pass before hovering.  They had to drop a line, but missed the first time and had to circle again.  They hit their mark the second time and the patient was put in a basket and winched up to the chopper.  A basket chair came down next and the spouse was taken up in that.  Off they flew.  I’m sure that family had no idea what was in store for them when they boarded a mere 3 days ago.  But better here than mid Atlantic.
The whole event left the ship’s elderly population just a buzzing.  Everyone wanted to know the details, but none were forthcoming, aside from speculation and heresay.  But one old girl in the elevator get’s today’s prize for stupidity.  How did she win the award, you ask?  Well, her comment about the whole situation was “I sure hope it wasn’t anything serious!!”.   
Fortunately for me, my day was a little more lucky than that poor soul’s, cause I won at Bingo!  That’s not something I say very often on-board cruise ships, but today, my first go round and I won $75.  It would have been $150, but I had to split the winnings with ‘Howard from Canada’.  Don’t think I didn’t give HIM the stink eye!!  But hey, half a pie is better than no pie at all! 
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