Can you hear me now? Can you hear me now?

Thursday, September 26, 2019
Soulac-sur-Mer, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France
It was a lovely day here in there’s a sentence I didn’t expect I’d ever say!  But no, it really was.  Being back on terra firma was only part of the reason.  The local authorities provided a free shuttle from where the ship docked in Le Verdon (which translates to ‘the middle of nowhere’) to Soulac-sur-mer (which translates to ‘small town beside the middle of nowhere’).  
Soulac-sur-mer is a seaside town with one of the most beautiful beaches we’ve ever seen.  And that’s a pretty large statement for 2 people that don’t consider themselves as ‘beach people’.  Granted, this time of year it’s all but empty, but during the peak summer season, this place must be rockin’.  
The inevitable has happened to me already on this trip, and that’s the development of the ‘cruise cough’.  With 3000+ passengers and a lot of rough seas means lots of hands on railings and lots of germs being passed around.  So today in town I stopped into a Pharmacie and a lovely lady got me some cough medicine.  I told her I was worse at night so she got me the nighttime version.  Let me tell you this...I don’t know WHAT they put in their cough medicine, but it puts our nighttime version to shame.  When we got back to the ship I thought I’d take a bit of it.  Well...knock me down and call me Susan...but I was knocked down within 15 minutes of consuming it...and if someone called me Susan, I never heard them.    Out... like...a...light.  Thank gawd I’m not operating any equipment heavier than a knife and fork these days!
And speaking of knife and fork...dinner...the ongoing saga.  The Milktoasts were no shows again tonight.  That’s 2 nights in a row for them.  The Arizona’s were there and the French’s were unusually quiet.  Hmmm...what’s up with that??  And Billy Whiteshoes was actually wearing...white shoes.  They’re his favourites, according to Mrs. Whiteshoes, and they are best described as white with brown saddle shoes.  Not only was Mrs. telling everyone that Billy had on his favourite shoes, but she just would not stop talking.  Instead of the constant background hum of the ship’s engines, tonight that constant background noise was Mrs. Whiteshoes’ voice.  On and on and on and on...she never took a breath all through the meal.  
Billy himself was a tad annoying too, but not in the verbal way.  Billy likes to consider himself a ‘man about town’.  He communicates with the French’s in their native tongue.  Our waiter and assistant are from Mexico, so he likes to throw in the Spanish words that he knows.  So tonight when he ordered an appetizer of fettuccine alfredo, he asked for it to have some pollo (pronounced ‘poy-o’) in it, which is chicken.  When he got his order he sent it back...not enough ‘poy-o’.  When it came back he started to eat it and then...took a saucer and picked out the ‘poy-o’.  Too much ‘poy-o’ now!  Oh my effin gawd!  People!  
Early night for me tonight...going to take some more cough medicine.  I’ll be out again very soon!
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Rebecca Herrington

Funny stories and nice pictures. Those interesting plants are yuccas.


Thanks Bec!