Friday, September 27, 2019
Bilbao, Basque Country, Spain and Canary Islands
Bilbao is huge. 
We went, we saw, we left.
Even the people waiting in the lengthy line for the free shuttle bus were well behaved...what fun is that!
Billy Whiteshoes returned his steak tonight because it wasn’t cooked exactly to his liking...but I’m getting used to that.
The French’s were well behaved.
The Milktoast’s were barely noticeable.
The Arizona’s showed their uppity side tonight when they inquired about the shuttle service by commenting, in THAT tone, ‘and how did that work for ya?’.  Not sure how they traveled into the city, but it was OBVIOUSLY by other means.  They couldn’t go into the Guggenheim Museum because they only had 45 minutes and they would have needed a couple of hours to go through it.  Did we?  We walked BY it, I said.  That was good enough for us non-museum types.  We did the funicular instead.  They just raised their eyebrows!
Tomorrow...another sea day.
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If the Milquetoasts were barely noticeable, clearly they are living up to their name!