Have you ever been to sea, Billy?

Saturday, September 28, 2019
A Coruña, Galicia, Spain and Canary Islands
I’m sure you all know the answer to that age old question...and if there had been any shore around us in this past 24 hours, we would definitely have been blown there.  Safe to say that this cruise is top of the list for the most prolonged, rough sea days.  Last night actually took the prize for roughest night EVAH!  I was actually concerned that things were going to start falling off the walls and tabletops.  
Luckily Kier and I have our ‘sea legs’, so we never missed a meal or snack throughout this stretch of rough water.  I know we don’t speak for everyone as there has been much talk in the public areas about the rockin’ and rollin’.
Finally, this afternoon around 3pm things smoothed out.  It’s a beautiful evening and I’m finally getting to enjoy the balcony.  The outside decks have all been reopened and people are enjoying the outdoors again.  Based on the rumours of coming weather, we best enjoy it while we can as it may not last.
It’s been a relaxing day.  A little r&r is always good.
Tomorrow, Lisbon!
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