The sanity scale

Monday, September 30, 2019
Funchal, Madeira, Portugal
So here’s to Day 1 of our 8 days at sea and my sanity scale is at 10...which is totally sane.  It was a beautiful day, the seas were calm and the temps were lovely.  Hard to believe there’s a storm coming.
We started our day up on the 19th deck with a morning workout.  Figured we better get some in before the storm hits.  There was a serious run on ‘seasick’ meds at the gift shop last night.  Myself...didn’t buy them.  I’ve done well so far...and by well, I mean I haven’t missed a meal.  Haven’t ‘lost’ any either, so we’re all good.
So my near perfect sea day consisted of an early morning win at Speed Sudoku.  The win was all that more pleasant after overhearing the conversation of Mr. Head (first name Pin) and a woman HE called ‘The 4 Minute Queen’.  Apparently she’s been winning a lot of the previous contests in under 4 minutes.  Hehehe... we’ll just see!  Let’s just say that if looks could kill, Mrs. Queen would have been charged with murder after I raised my hand and said “done” after a relatively short amount of time.  Another woman behind me finished second leaving Mrs. Queen to come in a respectable third. 
It was a big day for movies onboard.  I started this morning with Dumbo; then to Isn’t It Romantic in the afternoon; this evening was Men In Black International; and now I’m watching The House With a Clock in the Walls.  
Because of the advanced technology on this ship, I was even able to play bingo this morning while watching the movie.  I purchased electronic cards and the game is played on tablets (or the old fashion way with paper cards), but the electronic cards allow you to participate from anywhere on the ship.  And the system knows when you’ve got Bingo, so it makes the call for you.  The winnings go automatically into your on-board account.  Easy peasy!  I came oh-so-close on all 4 games...but...not my lucky day.
Another medical evacuation tonight.  This one a little more low key.  It was done by boat with a Portuguese Coast Guard Vessel from Madeira.  They’re dropping like flies!
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Sounds like relaxation is at a 10 on the scale as well. Good luck with the storm!