People be funny!

Tuesday, October 01, 2019
Funchal, Madeira, Portugal
Truer words never spoken, right?!  Like Mrs. Tyrannosaurus (they’re the ones with the really short arms, right?) in the buffet this morning.  She stood in front of the cantaloupe tray for ages.  I went around her and got a couple of the slices of the 8 or so remaining in the tray.  A second, full tray was set way at the back behind the near empty tray.  I took my slices and moved on...she remained stock still.  One of the kitchen staff came over to move the almost empty tray out and slide the full one forward into place.  Her eyes lit up as she said ‘thank heavens...I was waiting forever for someone to do that’.  
So day 2 and the sanity scale is still at a 10.  Not gone ‘shack wacky’ yet, even though there was little in the way of excitement around the ship today.  I even tried to talk Mr. Arizona into going over and closing the drapes in the dining room.  I figured that would heat things up a bit, but he wasn’t having any part of it.
Billy Whiteshoes was looking a bit rough around the edges today.  Not sure if it was a late night or what, but it can’t be rough seas, because it has been a smooth as can be these past couple of days.  It also took him a good 5 minutes to give his order to the waiter.  He must have asked for the preparation of each menu item to be explained to him in detail.  More than likely he was itemizing the changes he wanted with each dish.  Mrs. Whiteshoes was heard commenting how their table seems to take so long to eat when everyone else is done and gone in half an hour.  She couldn’t understand why.  I wanted to yell over that it was because of 2 things.  One, being the length of time it takes Billy to order his many courses, and secondly, the other woman at their table takes forever to eat anything.  Not sure what her issue is, but glad I don’t sit with her.
Bingo was a bust today and most of my day was spent reading on the balcony.  Certainly not a bad way to spend the day.
Till tomorrow!
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