Land ho?...Land, no!

Friday, October 04, 2019
Funchal, Madeira, Portugal
The sanity scale???  Still at 10!!
We’re still here...smack dab in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.  No land or even other ships in sight.  No birds, no sea life.  I sure hope we haven’t slipped into another dimension through a tear in the universe!!  But the weather and temps are improving greatly.  Today it was hot and humid.  Perfect pool weather, but not so perfect exercise weather.  Even though, we soldiered on and did our workout.  Then after breakfast, I hit the pool.  The water was wonderful...very Goldilocks-like...not too hot...and not too cold.
Then I had ‘the dilemma’.  I was in my bathing suit at Bingo time.  Should I change into my ‘lucky undies’?  Or perhaps my bathing suit is equally lucky.  Decisions, decisions.  These are what make our sea days tough...all these difficult decisions!!  I opted to test the luck in the bathing suit.
Thanks to technology, I played while sitting on my balcony.  It’s really great.  You don’t have to listen to all the silly ‘bingo lingo’ that our hostess, who the cruise line has named ‘Fortuna Luck’, spews out for the near hour long session.  She does go on...and on...
So on my balcony I sit.  Game 1 goes to someone playing with paper cards.  Game 2 is won by Gary T.  He’s won a few games before on this cruise.  I recall seeing his name.  Then Game 3...and I win!  Yeehaw.  But then I learn I have to split the $150 prize, just as I did the first time I won.  And who do I split with?  Gary T!!  If my memory serves me, that’s who I split with the FIRST time I won.  I mean really!  This is the 3rd session that I’ve been at where 1 person has won 2 of the 4 games.  What are the odds?  Really long, I’m guessing.  Of course, it never happens to ME...but it happens.  I’m not knocking it, cause $75 is better than ‘a kick in the pants with a frozen boot’.  I’ll take it gladly!  The cash, I mean...not the kick in the pants.
This means that I had to go back for the second bingo of the day because I was sure I was on a roll.  I donned the lucky undies and went.  Unfortunately, all the luck is now in the bathing suit.  Oh well, there’s always tomorrow!
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