Saturday, October 05, 2019
Bermuda Triangle
Not news to most Canadians that the Americans have no clue about us or our country.  And to show you just how oblivious (thought that was a nicer word than ‘ignorant’) they are, I’ll fill you in on our discussion over dinner tonight with the Arizona’s.
So we’ve been getting chummier with them over the past couple of weeks.  Eating dinner BESIDE the same people for an extended period will do that.  Mrs. Arizona has pictures of EVERYTHING...and I don’t just mean everything that she’s experienced here on the ship and during the holiday.  She has pictures of everything that’s happened to her in the past, well, forever!  But I digress...
So we’re talking about one of the lectures onboard today.  We didn’t go.  Mr. Arizona did.  He’s an ex-state trooper.  The lecture was on identity theft and how to avoid it.  I figured there’d be nothing presented that would be news to him.  It led to a discussion about all the different scams that are out there.  The Arizona’s asked us if our banks could be accessed on the internet.  He didn’t even refer to it as ‘online banking’.  He could have just said ‘do you have online banking?’, but no, he had to ask it like we wouldn’t understand the terminology or the concept.  Like we were simpletons...or from the deepest of back woods.  He asked if our bank had a site that we could go on to pay bills and things.  I mean REALLY????  They obviously think Canada, or at least the eastern part of it, is one step up from a third world country.  We KNOW what the internet IS, but maybe it doesn’t offer us all the options that it does in the US??  For the love of gawd, we are your next door neighbours!  What you have, we have...and on that note, I COULD say more about what they have down in the US that we don’t (ahem, president) but I take the high road!
So we had to ask what a ‘javelina’ was (pronounced ‘have-a-lena’)...doesn’t mean we’re totally out of touch with the 21st century.  And by the way, a javelina is a wild pig.  Apparently they have them in Arizona.
We’re headed into the Bermuda Triangle tonight.  No...I’m not entirely put off by the angry skies and the thunder.  I’m sure it doesn’t mean we’re going to disappear into another dimension...although we still haven’t seen another ship, a bird, or any sea life...but I’m sure they’re out there...somewhere...I hope.
Sanity scale?  Might be dipping a tad tonight...down to about an 8...
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Here’s hoping you get thru the triangle safely ! Xox


Ok, so if we dont hear from you tomorrow or the next day....should we be worried about 'you know what'?


Think we’re safely through it now. If you don’t hear from us in the next few days it’ll be something else that’s the cause!