Winding down

Sunday, October 06, 2019
Bermuda Triangle
Our time on board is almost over, but not before one more medical emergency on board.  This time they were looking urgently for blood donors with either A+ or O- blood.  We didn’t qualify to be donors, but there was more than enough that turned up in the medical centre to donate.  Not entirely sure that I’d want to receive that type of treatment onboard a cruise ship, but maybe the person had no choice.  Obviously not serious enough for a medivac this time.
Another ‘arts and crafts’ day.  The description said it was a ‘picture frame’.  Not sure who came up with that title, but it’s not at all what I had in mind.  And don’t I get seated with an old girl that’s trying to learn how to make something to show her daughter who’s a teacher.  Unfortunately, she’s not very crafty.  I make mine and then try to help her.  If I showed her once, I showed her 5 times how to do one step in the process.  Could she grasp it?  Nope.  She finally gave up.  Even if she had gotten hers assembled, there was no way she’d ever have been able to teach someone else!
What I really find surprising about these arts and crafts sessions is the number of men who show up.  Who knew that so many elderly men enjoyed doing activities that entail paper folding!  But they do!
Tomorrow is our last full day onboard, and the big finale of the snowball jackpot bingo.  It sits at $3000 and must go tomorrow.  I’ll be there!  Wouldn’t I like to win that!!
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Love the origami. I used to do those on occasion with a Gr 9 class is neat when the pieces move to create another shape.


Enjoy the Day and wishing you Fantastic Luck


Get them undies rinsed out!!° And no....that is not a picture frame!!!