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Monday, October 07, 2019
Bahama Islands
If you’ve ever wanted to gauge the level of greed in society, just be in the Horizon Buffet on the day they put out lobster and oysters.  To describe it as a ‘free for all’ would be an understatement.  
We, unknowingly, decided to stop at the buffet for a wee bite to hold us till supper tonight.  We’ve actually been skipping lunch most days in an effort to retain our ‘cougar-like physique’s.  Both sides of the buffet were lined up out the door and half way through the seating area.  We quickly learned why.  
Last night was formal night and there were lobster tails on the menu.  Obviously, they didn’t go through as much as they expected, and the current lobster inventory was likely dangerously close to it’s ‘best before’ date.  So, on the buffet it goes, cooked and halved and put on ice.  The oysters were ‘on the half shell’, also on ice.
There were people leaving the buffet with plates of 8 lobster 1/2’s and 12-15 oysters on the half shell.  Absolutely no regard for taking ‘a few’ to leave some for everyone else.  Needless to say, when I got to the front of the ‘lobster line’ there was nothing left but a smattering of claws.  And the reason they were left behind?  Cause they don’t give you anything to open them with, so without sharp claws of your own, or really sharp incisors, you’re left to whack them on the table edge to try to break into them.  I can’t be bothered.  Luckily I had 2 lobster tails last night, so I’m good.
The big jackpot bingo was this afternoon.  I was all prepared with lucky undies and all.  It WAS a Canadian that won the prize of $ just wasn’t THIS Canadian.  Today’s participants more than tripled the size from the usual group that’s been playing all cruise.  In all likelihood it was probably someone who’d never played before today that actually won.  I don’t know for certain because I took advantage of the option to play on my tablet from another location.  Had I been there with all those newbie’s I likely would have wanted to throttle someone because all their questions and issues slow the movement of the game down sooooo much.  
Can’t really complain, though.  I had 3 wins at Bingo this cruise and 2 good wins in the casino.  I’m coming home with more $ than I left home with.  All good!
It’s an early night tonight because tomorrow’s a travel day.  Homeward bound!  It’s been a great nearly 3 weeks although it does seem like ages since we were in England.  Good sign?  Not sure!
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